Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Lorali,

I wish that I could meet you in person. Your mommy and I went to high school together and we made lots of wonderful memories. I read a little note that your mommy shared on facebook. After reading the note,  I wanted to tell you that you are my favorite missionary.

That's right, you are a missionary!

A few months ago you had missionaries in your church that told you stories of their lives around the world. They shared with you the awesome job that they have of telling others about Jesus. I wish that I could have been there. I am a missionary too. I live in Africa and get to spend my days sharing God's love and teaching little boys and girls, just like you, about the stories in the Bible. It is truly the greatest job ever!

In the story that your mommy shared you had a question about the special gift  that your family was giving to help missionaries all over the world. Your mom shared with you that it was a special donation your family was making above your tithe. Well, I wanted you to know that our family was the recipient of one of those special gifts. A few months ago your family gave a love gift to our ministry. It was sent so that I did not have to teach my boys and girls outside. Because of your family we were able to build a Sunday school room. The best part about your gift was that it was so generous that we not only were able to build a small room to keep us out of the rain and hot sun but we were able to build a WHOLE SCHOOL! See, God took your gift and multiplied it and now not only will children be blessed on Sunday but every day of the week. That is what happens when families like yours make a big sacrifice and give big to God.

I hope that you will continue to share God's Love with everyone you meet. God has placed you as His missionary at your school. You have a special gift that some boys and girls do not have, the love of Jesus in your heart. I will pray that you will be bold and make His name famous. Your mommy and daddy are great examples of what happens when you have so much love for Jesus that it spills over to the rest of the world. You and your family are very precious to us and the children here in Musoma, Tanzania. May you continue to shine your light because we are seeing it 8,000 miles away.

Our prayer is that more people will be like Lorali and her family. What may seem like a small gift to you  goes a long way here. We are still praying for money to finish the building. We need a floor and chairs and then we can start meeting inside. The preschool is scheduled to open in January so we are praying that this need is met soon. Would you consider helping us finish this building? You can reach us at Please join us in praying for the completion of this incredible blessing.

Here is a picture of the new Sunday school and preschool classroom. We are so excited to move into our new building soon!

Until Everyone Has Heard,

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