Monday, November 18, 2013

It Must Be You

The past few weeks I have realized that there is nothing good in me. It is easy to forget that I am not here because of anything that I have done. It is easy to forget that even when you ask me to leave everything and minister to your people that does not make me special. Actually, I have learned that in a third world culture, so much of my flesh is exposed. It is not pretty.

                                          When I am confronted with costs of discipleship,

                                                                    I still sin.

I  get angry.
I  feel weak and unsuited.
I  argue with God and shake my fists at His ways.
I  try to find a way to  lead and have a horrible time at waiting.
I stop and ask, "Why did you use me? I told you that I was not the best choice."

                                                   So, I stopped and opened Your Word.

 I was reading about my fellow sinner, Moses. He was the servant but the master was, You. You took the worthless murderer that stuttered in speech and made him apart of redemption. He was just a broken, clay pot and You filled in the holes and used him anyway. You were the courage in front of Pharaoh. You were the voice that set Your people free. You were the steady hand that lifted the staff and parted the seas. Moses, like me, was just a man; weak and helpless. He listened to the fire and positioned himself under Your cleft. He waited. He followed. He was never perfect. That is the Glory. Perfection arises out of the imperfect.  Nothing deserved but everything gained.

I want to be like Moses: ready, available, and fully aware that the only reason that my journey continues is, It Must Be You.

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