Thursday, December 20, 2012

We're Back!

A lot has happened since our last update. I hope and pray that as I begin to give you a detailed look into our lives on the field that you will see how helpless we are and how mighty God is.

Leaving the U.S. was the craziest few hours of my life. Between security checks, making sure that all my kiddos were on the plane, time changes, weird air-line food, and an odd selection of in-flight movies, we landed in Tanzania. Most of you know me to be pretty emotional. Well, I did not disappoint on this excursion. When the pilot announced that we had arrived in Tanzania, the flood-gates opened. I mean if you had been through the whirl-wind that God had just brought us through, you would have cried too!

Entering Tanzania was even more crazy than leaving the U.S. We were met with Kiswahili, machine guns, and tremendous heat. I remember trying to fill out immigration papers with a military officer speaking unbelievably fast swahili in my ear and thinking, " Can I please board the plane and head anywhere but here?" The best part of transition into a foreign country is you can express these feelings in your native tongue and everyone around you just smiles. But, you feel so much better. Trust me, I have done it several times since we have been in Tanzania and I am sure that I will do it several times more while I am here.

Once we had taken our lives into our own hands in Tanzanian traffic and vehicles, tried a variety of Tanzanian dishes, shopped at the market, and learned how to greet everyone, we headed off to language school. This took place in Iringa. The bus ride to Iringa was an experience that I can compare to nothing. See, my whole life I have been terrified of roller coasters. I got on one once when I was younger and was scared to death and vowed that I would never ride one again. But, God must have a wonderful sense of humor because He put me on a bus that made space mountain look like It's a small world. ( If you have been to Disney then you will understand this comparison) I have never wanted to kiss the ground before but I came very close after that trip. 

Language school was the time to exhale. We had been on the go for so long, once we arrived at school, this is where our family finally got to grasp what had just happened to our lives. We had one day to rest before school started for everyone except the twins. Eden and Evan had the hardest time transitioning at school. We arrived on Saturday and had to leave them with a Tanzanian nanny on Monday morning. Their first nanny spoke no English whatsoever. It was very hard on them but then God brought us Mercy, literally and figuratively. She was truly an Angel and we still miss her to this day. Patrick and I worked very hard to learn the language while our older four worked hard to learn math, English, spelling and Swahili. They had a wonderful tutor and we were thankful for God providing her. During language school we also had a Tanzanian home-stay. It was the hardest week of my life and I am a mother of 6 kids! God was preparing me for life ahead so I am glad that I got over myself and I persevered and did the work. It was great training, especially in Swahili, and I think that my first week in Musoma has gone so well because of my home-stay. All I can say, is that I have never been around women who work so hard and have such great attitudes. It has been a great lesson for me to learn, hard work is a blessing not a curse. Well, after 4 months language school ended. We then boarded one of three buses and headed home.

We arrived in Musoma last Wednesday. It is truly a beautiful place and our teammates are beyond precious. I have spent so much time this week praising God for such plentiful provisions.For example:  When we were leaving the states I told Jesus how much I hated leaving this one special bush in my yard. It was passed down to me by my precious grandmother, who is turning 100 next month, so this bush was old. We planted it in the hopes that I would get to see it bloom for many years to come. I know it sounds silly but I hated leaving this plant for new homeowners. Well, let me tell you friend, Jesus hears every utterance you make, because when we pulled up into our driveway what do you think was waiting on me? That exact bush! It was sitting there all big, fat, and full of blooms! Are you tearing up, because I sure did?! He didn't bring my family through all of this to harm us and make us miserable but to prosper us. I told you that you would see just how weak our family is but how truly mighty God is! So, this is a quick update on our lives. All I can tell you is that we have cried, laughed, packed, unpacked, faced all kinds of fears and learned more and more how truly magnificent God is. We are so looking forward to beginning Kingdom work here in Musoma. I can tell you that there is plenty to do, so come and join us! There is a place for you in the nations and we are praying that each of you find that place and fill it so Jesus can come back and take us home. Can I get an Amen!

So, pray for the bible-less, pray for the ones that have the Bible but are without a Shepherd to teach them and train them, pray for those serving, and pray that God will give more people courage to step out on faith, there is truly no better way to live!

Until we see each other again face to face, know that we are enjoying the plant and looking forward to the Harvest.

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  1. I LOVED the story about the bush! It's the little things that God always notices. I pretty much loved every single word in this post. Now, if I can just get better so I can come hang out with you guys! Hugs from Bweri!! :)