Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fearing God Will Send You To Guam

Happy Wednesday!

The title of this post  was taken from a calendar devotional by Jon Acuff.  He is the founder of During God's transformation of our hearts and home to Africa, Jon brought us great joy in the journey. We hope that you enjoy this post as much as we did. We love you and thank God for each and every reader. Our prayer is that you might take a glance at our crazy life and see how least likely saints can be used for the extraordinary. Just. The. Way. We. Are.


 March 21, 2012
                              My biggest fear is hearing God say, in James Earl Jones' voice, "Jon, I want you to go to a country you've never heard of and teach Calculus and Bible stories. I have spoken." I'd have no problem with the Bible stories, but math is my sworn enemy. Would He make me do that? Probably not. Remember when Jesus approached some fishermen-strong and weathered, with callused hands-and said, "Come, I will make you accountants of men." Okay, he doesn't say that. He says, "Come, I will make you fishers of men." He speaks their language. He appeals to who they are at the core. That is what I think God loves to do. He loves to take your past experience and radically make it your new experience using skills you already have.

Radically New and Loving It!

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