Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why We Tell Our Stories

   I am sure that many of you who read our blog have often wondered why we tell our stories. Sometimes our posts may be a little "more reality" than you would like to read. But, my friends, the Gospel is messy. To be an ambassador of Grace is not an easy feat in a fallen and dying world. If we take our real experiences and cover them in any way, then we are ashamed of Grace, the Gospel, and God. We are debtors to the Tanzanians and the rest of the World(Romans 1:14) because we have received Grace and our calling as Missionaries to bring about the obedience of faith among the Tanzanians(and the rest of the World) for His name's sake(Romans 1:5). Freely we received and freely we give, or we nullify Grace. I think that scripture stands alone and does not need any help from me to clarify. So, listen to Romans 15:15-19, and join us in taking the Grace that you have freely received to your neighborhood, your city, your country, and the nations.

                                                                 Romans 15:15-19
     But I have written very boldly to you on some points so as to remind you again, because of the grace that was given me from God, to be a Missionary of Christ Jesus to the Tanzanians(and the World), ministering as a Missionary the gospel of God, so that my offering of the Tanzanians(the lost of the World) may become acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason for boasting in things pertaining to God. For I will not presume to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me, resulting in the obedience of the Tanzanians(lost of the World) by word and deed, in the power of signs and wonders, in the power of the Spirit; so that from America and round about as far as Tanzania(the ends of the World) I have fully preached the gospel of Christ.

   We tell our stories so that you can rejoice in our hardships and victories alike. Through them we pray that you see an unending stream of Grace and obedience. We consider it ALL joy, my friends, when we encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of our faith produces endurance(James 1:2-3). Because of our debt to Grace and the Gospel we are indebted to everyone in every nation that has not heard of this Grace.

Until Everyone Has Heard,
The Cogdills

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